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Quality Management

Quality Circles
To develop and constantly improve the awareness regarding quality related topics in the company Tropiflora Sri Lanka introduced Quality Circles. The members of this circles are responsible for all involved branches of the supply chain. As an example field officers, graders, packers, export manager and quality responsible are discussing implementing actual issues of the daily business to constantly improve the production and export-process.

Product Specification
Product specifications are essential for calculation, incoming goods inspection, communication, vase life test etc. Their function is the technical description of a living product to achieve an extensively standardisation, which can be controlled through the entire supply chain. In an international business they ease the communication and assure that customer and supplier speak the same language regarding product features in the daily business.

Quality Slip
All the boxes exported by Tropiflora contain a so called “Quality Slip”. This paper carries number and signature of the person responsible that the box contains only products which meet the product specification. This slip allows to trace a product back to the field and allows a profound analysis in case the customer is not satisfied with the product. In addition this item underlines the responsibility of farm employees regarding the quality process.

Temperature Monitoring
The temperature development inside a box during the transport is basically related to following factors: Provenience, time and route. Provenience and time can be considered as given. The route can be influenced by selection of the appropriate airline and freight agent.
To find out more about the temperature development on our routes Tropiflora adds temperature control devices to shipments. After arrival of these shipments the data is analysed and used in negotiations with our freight partners regarding improvement of the conditions. The method is as well very useful when it comes to evaluation of new routes.